About Us

The Contractors Association of Minnesota (CAM), formerly The Minnesota Association of Exterior Specialists (MNAES), was formed in 2009 by a group of concerned construction trade partners responding to proposed legislation by the insurance industry that was harmful to contractors working on storm related events. It was at that time the CAM realized it was important to have a voice at the Capitol and a lobbyist was hired to represent our interests. Since then, we have become the fastest growing association of exterior specialists in the country. CAM is a continually evolving group of professional Contractors, Distributors and Manufacturers who want to encourage positive change for the future of our industry.

The CAM’s mission is to help our members excel in the Minnesota specialized residential construction industry. Through legislation and regulation, we provide members with an industry voice at the State Capitol and its regulatory agencies. This last legislative session, the CAM was successful in killing legislation that would have impacted your work. This included attorney’s fees against a contractor in a home warranty claim, insurance limitation on building code coverage and the regulation of insurance claims. These bills are still in the mix for the next legislative session and the CAM should fully expect them to surface as part of a legislative agenda.

CAM also partners up with like-minded associations to protect your interests. This year we worked with the Builders Association of Minnesota on extending the residential construction code updates from three year to six years.

A strong membership in the industry is important to the CAM’s success. Being a member of CAM means you are taking the next step to better your business and your professional self! As a member, you will have the opportunity to share technical data and marketing information within the top residential and commercial exterior professionals in your area. You will also receive valuable information and be able to participate in yearly continuing education courses specifically designed for your business. These yearly continuing education courses are always conveniently held in the winter giving members maximum flexibility to earn continuing education credits. This year, the CAM will be holding its 9th Annual Spring Event at Canterbury Park on April 27th, 2017 and we will also be hosting our 3rd annual golf tournament on August 10th, 2017 at the Majestics Oak Golf Club in Ham Lake. Consider attending one of our events to learn more about the benefits the CAM can provide to you and your business, network with contractors, suppliers and distributors and get in a good round of golf.

Member Testimonials

I have been involved in CAM since its inception. As an attorney who works primarily with construction contractors, and frequently with exterior renovation contractors, I value CAM as an organization that promotes best practices for contractors and continues to protect the consumer at the legislative level from the continuing attempts by property casualty insurers to restrict the ability of insureds to have their own construction advocate and receive full payment for restoration of a covered loss.
C. Alden Pearson - Attorney at Law