HF 2696/SF 2660 (Mahoney/Howe) – Insurance proceeds checks prompt signature
At this point, we are stalled. The large banks are opposed due to Fannie and Freddie requirements. I am continuing to talk with them about avenues we can take to ensure more prompt payments. I spoke with the insurance companies. They agree that the payments should be made promptly but won’t advocate for or against the issue.

Several bills have popped up this session that are of interest to CAM

HF 2389/SF 2339 (Sundin/Howe) -Contractor Recovery Fund – this bill has three components

a) Use the CRF for a consumer awareness campaign highlighting the importance of hiring licensed builders
b) Use the CRF to development and implementation of continuing education related to financial management of licensed residential contractors
c) Use the CRF for a research project for code administration, builder licensure and subcontractor registration.

CAM should always resist allowing the CRF for anything but what it has been designated for which is assisting homeowners who have hired bad licensed contractors. I think we could get behind this bill if the amount of money that DOLI could use was specified. As of now, it is open funding.

HF 2467/SF 2421 (Sundin/Rarick) – Contractor Recovery Fund
Another bad solar installer actor has left home owners without the product they paid for. This bill would allow these homeowners to recoup their losses through the CRF. The issue at stake is the solar installers are not licensed and they haven’t paid into the CRF. CAM has spoken with the authors of the legislation opposing raiding the CRF. Solar installers should become licensed and pay into the CRF before any funds are taken to assist the homeowners.

Tracy was set to testify again this bill but the hearing was canceled. Thanks Tracy!

The following are bills I am monitoring for CAM. CAM and BAM are closely following them to see how they affect members. They were developed by BATC to address the rising costs of housing through permits. As of now, none of them have House companions.

SF 3793 – Building permit fees must be based on a cost per square foot (support)

SF 3795 – Expands municipalities annual reporting of costs associated with conducting inspections. (support)

SF 3796 – Prohibits a city from designating a building official or inspector unless it is specifically designated in a municipal ordinance (not support; unless I hear otherwise, I don’t think it is necessary to go agains the building officials since we have been developing a relationship with them.)

HF 3785/SF 3791 (Fisher/Koran) – excludes residential homes from following window safety fall requirements. (monitor) No children have fallen out of windows in the past few years but some years ago we had children falling out of windows either injuring or killing themselves. Has any one had issues with the requirements with the window fall prevention regulations when you install new windows?