March 23, 2020

To: Governor Tim Walz
Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan

The Contractors Association of Minnesota (CAM) is a statewide organization with over 100
contractors representing exterior specialty construction who perform roofing, exterior siding, and
windows as well as representing the remodeling industry.

Thank you for quick response to efforts that ensure the health and safety of Minnesotans during the
COVID- 19 pandemic.

CAM understands the need to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and the possible need for a
“shelter-in-place” executive order. As states throughout the country are making the decision to
require people to “shelter-in- place”, they are relying on the federal government to offer
direction. Last week, the U. S Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency
(CISA) issued guidance identifying “critical infrastructure” industries that should remain
open. The construction industry was highlighted as a critical industry. California, Ohio
and other states that have issued “shelter-in-place” executive orders have used the CISA guidance,
which also includes housing construction.

CAM plays an important role in housing construction. As we move into the storm season, CAM members
are at the ready to assist consumers by performing vital projects when there are storm occurrences
that puts homeowners’ health and safety at risk. People still have needs from last
year’s storms and any upcoming storms this season to maintain their homes.

With regard to the safety of our workers, we have taken precautionary measures by
working with the Department of Labor and Industry on worker protections. Posted on the CAM
website, you will find DOLI COVID-19 resources for the constructions as well as guidelines
for worker safety from the Center for Disease Control. We have also engage in emailing
our member companies of the proper protocol for keeping their workers safe.

CAM appreciates the difficulty you will have in any decision making on “shelter-in-place” executive
orders. We are a vital part of the construction industry that does and will continue to “keep the
lights on.”

Thank you for your consideration in requiring construction as an essential service during these
difficult times. Sincerely,

Tracy Dahlin
Contractors Association of Minnesota – Chairperson

Iron River Construction