These simple fall home maintenance measures can safeguard and beautify your home year-round. You can accomplish these tasks one at a time in the coming weeks. They are simple and will reassure you about your home’s safety during the hostile winter weather to come.


Clean Your Gutters

Clean gutters protect roofs and siding from moisture. On the other hand, overloaded gutters can rip away from the building and cause roof leaks and structural damage. So, clean your gutters before the season changes to prepare for the wet, frigid weather.

If you can securely access your gutters with a ladder, tackle the task yourself with work gloves and a garbage bag for the leaves, dirt and muck. You can remove whatever you cannot grab with your hands (like drain-blocking muddy silt or rotting leaves) by gently sliding a hand towel along the gutter bottom. Finally, flush the gutters with a garden hose to remove mud and ensure adequate drainage.

Do not put weight on gutters, climb on your roof or shake shingles. If you require professional gutter cleaning or repairs, call an experienced company.


Conduct a Roof Inspection

Your roof keeps the elements out and protects your family. A successful fall strategy usually involves a roof health assessment.

To avoid shingle damage and injury, examine your roof from the ground. Walk around your property with binoculars to check the top for problems. Look for:

  • Missing, cracked, curled or discolored shingles
  • Debris-blocking ridge and eave vents
  • Stains in the attic signal a roof leak (mildew, watermarks, etc.)

When in doubt, a CAM-certified roofing contractor can provide an expert diagnosis and identify problems before they require costly repairs.


Weatherproof Your Home

Drafty windows and doors are easy to weatherproof. A properly air-sealed home can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 20%, saving you money while keeping your family comfortable.

First, inspect the condition of the weather stripping on all the windows and doors. The weather stripping should contact and compress against both surfaces. If not, replace it. Also, check the garage door because cold winter air can seep in from the garage.


Ready the Lawn

Rake leaves and trim potentially damaging tree limbs or bushes that can break away during a storm and damage your house.


Shut Off Outdoor Water Sources

Outdoor faucets, pipelines and irrigation drip lines expand as water freezes. To prevent damage by frozen pipes, shut off water valves for exterior faucets and irrigation drip lines. Also, remember to program your sprinklers to turn off before winter strikes.


Do You Need Help Preparing Your Home for Winter?

If you need a hand with your fall housekeeping tasks, contact a CAM-approved contractor immediately – winter is right around the corner!