MN Association of Exterior Specialists has joined BATC and Lyman Roofing and Siding to help with donations and the contribution effort for HFOT and the Solt residence.

Homes for our troops is a privately funded non-profit organization that has completed over 180 homes for wounded veterans nationally. 90% of funds raised go directly to wounded veterans. The Solt home will be the 2nd project in MN done by HFOT. Later this year, they will start a 3rd house in Moorhead for a MN National Guard soldier who was injured on a deployment with the 34th Infantry Division Red Bulls.

In the United States, we have over 1.7 million veterans who have deployed since 2001 with 34% deploying more than one time. Roughly one of every 5 suffers from a major depression or PTSD, with only half getting treatment. The Solt home is an example of how we can help our fellow veteran-citizens with the challenges they face.

Please, think about your neighbors, the families at your church or that individual at work that may need help. Just last week we had approximately 500 soldiers of the 34th ID combat aviation brigade from the twin Cities return from a year long deployment. The reintegration process is difficult, please do whatever you can to help out.