As general contractors, we offer vital services to our customers. These services are necessary but not always attainable for some or are needed in high demand in the case of widespread disasters. This is where we can show our dedication to the people of our community by volunteering time and resources to support those most in need.


Target Vulnerable Populations

When volunteering your time and sometimes materials, you want to ensure you are making the most impact. You can do just that by targeting those who need the most support. The elderly, disabled veterans, and low-income residents are among the most vulnerable in many communities.


You may choose to offer your services to anyone in need, but by selecting a specific population to support, you can build a reputation as an advocate and champion for those who need you most.


Partner With an Organization

A larger organization that provides contracted services for those in need will often already have a list of who needs help and what exactly they need. This can make it much easier to know where and when you are needed, saving you time and effort finding volunteer opportunities so you can get to work.


Organizations may be regional and focused on helping your specific community or much larger, like Habitat for Humanity, which supports communities nationwide. Not only does partnering with an organization to volunteer your services support those in need, but it can also help you network with other professionals and grow as a leader within your industry.


Join a Relief Effort

General contractors are in high demand following natural disasters. Many homes and other buildings may be severely damaged or completely destroyed after widespread flooding, wildfires, tornados, or other extreme events.


After the dust has settled and the extent of the damage can be more accurately determined, construction specialists are needed to help rebuild these communities. There may be an organization or a community liaison helping to direct the reconstruction efforts in the area that can get you set up with the most critical projects that fit your skills.


Let Your Customers Decide

Many general contractors have turned to their customers to find people in their community that can benefit from their services the most. By running a campaign that allows customers to nominate someone they feel needs and deserves your services, you can decide who you are capable of and wish to help. You also show the public that you are an active participant and engaged in your community by listening to them.


In their latest Community Outreach project, the Contractor’s Association of Minnesota (CAM) has supported a local veteran with a handicap accessible entryway to her home. Learn more about CAM and the many benefits of membership, then apply online.